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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I met Anne last Sunday. That was for my 1st PT session, which consisted mostly of lying on my tummy for a good 30 minutes or so, with hot compress and ultrasound being applied to my feet.

I would have fallen asleep if not for the questionnaire she was required to go through with me. I think she was one of the more senior therapists, and I immediately warmed up to her because of her cheery disposition. I had her laughing when she asked me for any heart conditions and I replied "broken". ;p

The rest of the session included feet stretching and exercises using rubber tubing. I also had to crumple a towel using my toes. The finale was 20 minutes on a stationary bike. I did 3+km (And applying Coach Ige's math, that would mean effort equivalent to a 1km jog for my legs)


PT session # 2 this morning was with Anna. More soft-spoken and gentle.

I basically did the same routine as with last Sunday. Anna just recommended though that I do some of the exercises at home. I could look for the rubber tube (she calls it Theratube.) in the sporting goods shops.

I've been recommended to avoid flats without proper support, and to use my rubber shoes as much as possible when walking...

The non-runner really misses running...


On a happier note, I found myself thinking that Medical City would be a nice place to practice medicine in. Something about its design and scale makes it feel more homey and humane. I guess I'd be able to articulate it better in the next few days.


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