Wednesday, October 13, 2010

After about a year of following her blog, I finally met her in person! Yes,her, the Bullrunner! :)

For a while, I was a little starstruck, hehe. I shook Jaym
ie Pizarro's hand and introduced myself. I was so happy that she remembered Run to Read and associated us with it. :)

Who wudda thunk that I would enjoy running so much that I'd find a couple of idols to look up to? :) I wanted to have my picture taken with her, but I was just too shy. I ended up requesting that I take her and hubby's photo instead.

Jaymie & Miguel Pizarro

I walked away from the experience remembering how real a person she is, and how she just kept on smiling throughout the whole session.


I was supposed to run yesterday morning, but I woke up late. So I just shoved my (puto bumbong) purple dri-fit and cutoffs in my bag and said I'd run before going home.

The talk probably inspired me enough to push through with the jog, even if I still felt discomfort in my right ankle. iPods are good for moments like this -- the music's beat, together with the cadence of your feet hitting the pavement, drowns out the sound of your body groaning.

I walked one round of Boni High to warm up and I lost myself counting 9-1 when I did 2 rounds of jogging after, that I temporarily forgot about the pain. I was brought back to reality though when I cooled down with another round of walking. The right ankle was cursing its master with every step. :(

Patrick didn't hear me correctly the other day when I asked him for the Filipino translation of ankle and had answered me "Tito". Haha. So we now fondly have named my ankles Tito Right and Tito Left. Sadly, Tito R and Tito L are both hurting now. I understand that Tito R's been having a fit since Sunday. What I don't get is why Tito L decided to join this morning. I hobbled from the parking basement to our building, trying not to wince as much. I really have to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Until then, the mantra is "Bengay is my friend."


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