Yesterday's Running Misadventure

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I gave in to my body last night and decided to have my feet checked. I was actually fine after my quick exercise yesterday. But, as the day progressed, the pain went along with it.

So it was hospital tripping for me at 9:30, after everything I had to finish for the night. In a span of a month or so, I have seen the insides of Capitol Med, St. Luke's at the Fort, and the fairly new Makati Med. Not the kind of record I want to hold, I must say.
The doctor said that they saw bone spurs on both feet. (Both feet! Akalain mo nga naman! Mana sa amo ang dalawang paa ko, hindi marunong pareho magpatalo! Hay.)
What are bone spurs? According to the doctor and my research, they're basically excess growth / projections along the edge of the bone. According to Doc Che, there is no single isolated cause for this and it happens to many people. The xray technician though was saying that it might be due to my running since it's a high-impact sport.

They bandaged my foot to alleviate the pain. While it looks goofy having both your feet wrapped up, I must say that I'm glad they did. The extra support is actually helpful.

I was very lucky to be wearing my Accel slippers last night. They're the kind that you can adjust so it was actually able to accommodate my bulky bandaged feet, still allowing me to drive home. Over a year after I got them, I realized that it was really fortuitous that they were given to me. (Just goes to show that maybe things really do happen in our lives for a reason.)

Extreme cases require surgery for treatment. I don't want to have to go through that route. (Lilihain daw ang buto para matanggal. Urg.) Doc Che says that I can still run, but I just might be advised to wear some sort of heel pads to cushion impact.

For someone who doesn't like going to get checked, I easily decided to go on leave today. More than the bothersome pain, the prospect of not being able to run is enough for me to go get help. ('Twas just uncomfy and difficult to have to explain at work that I'm going on SL, AGAIN.)

Gotta get this fixed. I don't want to give up on my running and weight loss goals for the last quarter just yet.

Next task: find my health card, find a doctor. I just might visit the gastro while I'm at it. The past weeks' #2s don't look too healthy either.


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